Celebrating Africa

Published on 7th May, 2015 by Otago Design

Anna and I were fortunate enough to attend a fabulous evening at the exclusive South Kensington Club last night hosted by Bex Rox who was showcasing some of her stunning jewellery. Some of Bex's collection is made at the same artisan workshops that make our products in Kenya.

Bex had invited some very special guests to the event, Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith who gave a talk and presentation on their latest work.

For many years Angela and Carol have travelled into deepest Africa spending time with local communities where they have documented through photography intimate tribal rites and rituals. We have had the privilege of an insight into these cultural traditions of often closed communities. Their work is not only aesthetically beautiful but socially informing, they are committed to preserving these African cultural traditions which are vulnerable to the trends of modernity. We were so saddened to discover that 40% of what they had photographed no longer exists in life.

Anna and I since our teens have been inspired and motivated by Angela and Carol which has been the reason for our pursuit of celebrating Africa and its craftspeople. To meet our heroines was a wonder and to be able to share with them our Otago Journey very special.